New Orleans Barcamp 7New Orleans Barcamp 7

Barcamp New Orleans is a 2-day annual un-conference and hack day that takes New Orleans by storm every summer.

Barcamp New Orleans, BarcampNola, Bearcamp. It goes by many names, and illicits a diverse range of emotions for participants every year.

Barcamp is made possible not only by our generous sponsors and organizers, but also by you - Barcamp's attendees. The speaker line-up is generated by you and the other attendees who have a topic, story, knowledge, or experience to share with the rest of the community.

While it's a tech-focused event, anything goes. Heck, "How to make the perfect sandwich" is a deliciously acceptable talk, especially if you've got a hands-on demo of the latest sandwich technology.

Day 1 - Conference

  • 9:30a
    Meet 'n Greet
  • 10a
  • 11a
  • 1p
    Lunch/Project Reveal
  • 2p
    More Presentations
  • 5:30p
    Party time!

Day 1 is chock-full of interesting presentations by attendees. First thing in the morning the schedule gets filled in by you and other attendees.

It's a multi-track schedule, so pick and choose your favorite presentations as you go throughout the day.

For attendees preparing a talk, there are 2 time slots: 20 minutes or 40 minutes

Day 2 - Project Day

  • 9:30a
    Coffee 'n Breakfast
  • 10a
    Project Overview
  • 10:30a
    Buildy Build Time
  • 12p
  • 1:30p
    More Buildin'
  • 5p
    Finish & Celebrate

Day 2 is Project Day! We bring Barcamp attendees together to all work as a community on a very fun project and/or projects.

It's a day of learning by doing, and maybe try to actually apply some of the fun ideas you learned on Day 1.

The Day 2 project is not announced until lunchtime on Day 1.

The After Party

Saturday, after the main event, starting at 5:30 we will be hosting the afterparty at Phillips Bar! We've reserved the courtyard, bought some snacks, and have a keg of free beer! It's right down the street from BarCampNola at 733 Cherokee Street (corner Maple) so come join us!


Boggs Center for Energy and Biotechnology
Tulane University
6823 St Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70118

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